tapecollectionIf you have old analog audio recordings, usually recorded on a cassette tape, there is something you need to know: magnetic tape starts to disintegrate over time. The “glue” that holds the metal particles onto the polymer tape starts to deteriorate and eventually trying to playback these tapes will result in the loss of metal material which not only gums up the tape heads on the machine, but eventually results in loss of quality of the music.

When enough time has past, the tapes may become totally unplayable. So if you have anything stored on magnetic tape that you care about or that is important to you, it is critical that you get it transferred to pure digital format as soon as possible. Further, these recordings may have never updated to digital by the original owner/production company. That means that once your cherished recording is unusable, it really is gone.

Performance Production Services has analog and digital audio experience dating back to 1992.

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