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To further help my local private students and international vocalists further achieve vocal excellence,
I have compiled over 30 years of experience teaching Singers, Public Speakers and Actors into a
revolutionary book called ”Singing and Speaking on the Edge of a Grunt”.

Jonathan Morgan Jenkins- Music(once you understand my powerful techniques, you will understand the funny title.)

 Brief synopsis of the Chapters enclosed in
“Singing and Speaking on the Edge of a Grunt.”

Read about the importance of proper vocal training and why there has been such a lack of proper understanding of how the voice operates. Find the secrets to my success and the poor education I experienced during my formal training that led me to develop my own proven techniques to develop each voice to its operational potential.

Chapter One / Singing – The Natural Cure
Learn about the latest research that proves singing on a regular basis improves overall health. This research is similar to that which has proven the same results that occur in the body from laughter. The body releases hormones that create good feelings and health. In an age where Natural Cures are popular and constantly in the news, singing is one of the few Natural Cures that is Fun, Social and FREE.

Chapter Two / Confusing Myths
Most people who have been involved in any type of formal singing vocal training, weather individual or group, have heard terms like, “Sing in your High Voice” (Does this require jumping?) or “Sing in Your Chest Voice” (I thought my voice was in my neck!). In my own personal experience from college, I found these directives to be very confusing and my teachers often lacked the interest or ability to properly explain them. In this chapter, I address most of the common terms and explain their actual meaning. If you don’t know what an “instructional directive” means, it is worthless.

Chapter Three / The Vocal Power Team
This may be my most important chapter. In over 25 years of private voice coaching, I have encountered very few students, some who had sung for many years, that had any real understanding of how the entire body operates to produce proper sound quality. Most people have heard the word “Diaphragm” but I have “never” had one student who really understood exactly what it was and, most important, it’s important job in producing controlled sound production. The Vocal Power Team is the Abdominal Muscles (includes the Diaphragm), the Larynx and the Amplifier (throat and head). I will thoroughly explain these body parts and their important functions. This understanding is the knowledge that will completely change your voice into a “controlled powerhouse”!

Chapter Four / The Human Body – The Instrument in Harmony
This is the chapter where we will take all the knowledge of the Singing and Speaking bodily functions that we learned in chapter three and put them in motion. Each member of the Vocal Power Team will be thoroughly discussed in relation to their specific function. Further, we will finally discover the reason for the odd title of my ebook, “Singing and Speaking on the Edge of a Grunt”. We will discover that a bodily function that we use on a daily basis will foundation of how we will “launch” our voice every time we sing or speak. What function might that be? Buy the book and find out!

Chapter Five / Diction – The Art of Being Understood
Diction is one of those words that many people know and generally have a pretty good idea of what it means. Diction, though, is extremely important to understand and to have the ability to produce correctly. If we learn to operate the Vocal Power Team to its absolute potential and have bad diction, all we have produced is a brand new car with a bad paint job. Diction is the tone and clarity with which we all speak. Some cultures, like the English, appear to have better diction that most cultures. Good diction is just learned there. In America, the land of many cultures and mixed races, our diction is a hodgepodge of multiple dialects which results in some of the worst diction in the world. In this chapter, we will understand diction and how to use it improve our tone and ability to be understood. Weather you are a Singer, Public Speaker or Actor, great Diction is critical to your success!

Chapter Six / Vibrato
Vibrato is a term, like diction, that most people appear to some level of correct knowledge. The important thing is understanding “how” it is produced. Vibratos vary from large to small to fast and, for the most part, appear to be closely related to the internal structure of the individual human body. The problem arises when vibratos become “forced” or “created”. These actions can cause damage to the Larynx. As we will find, a proper Vibrato is usually a result the Vocal Power Team being used in a coordinated manner.

Chapter Seven / Puberty – The Changing Voice
This is one subject that most people have no knowledge of when it applies to the physical effect on the voice. Since we often lump Puberty and the changing voice together with “sex education”, it often is overlooked. So, boys going through puberty continue to walk around grade school with their voices “squeaking” and causing embarrassment. Everyone “knows” that you are going through Puberty. Help! As with most issues, people react “weird” to things they do not understand. I certainly did not understand what happened to my voice! I wish someone had told me. So, I included this chapter to give young and old a working knowledge of this “touchy” subject so we can all help each other through it. Isn’t my book worth it just to know this? Of course!

Chapter Eight / Interpretation – The Key Ingredient
How often have you heard many different people or groups perform the same song and and it sounds completely different? Maybe you shed a tear for one performance and the next one you asked for your money back and it was the same song. This often is the case with major Orchestra Conductors. Most of them are just performing the same songs over and over. Why, then, do we buy the same music conducted by Leonard Bernstein and not by Bruno Walter, or vice versa? The answer is, Interpretation. Since music is one of those great art forms that can be constantly changed, as opposed to a painting, it can also be re-interpreted a thousand times. In this chapter we will learn the absolute importance of proper interpretation for Singers, Speakers and Actors. Further, I will give powerful strategies to produce effective interpretation immediately.

Chapter Nine / Final Checklist
In this chapter we will review all that we have learned and I will give more strategies to
become an effective and powerful Singer, Speaker or Actor.

Chapter Ten / Gratefulness
Learn how the attitudes you manifest to live your life are the same ones you will use to
create an incredible performance. Art is always giving first and then receiving.
Those who understand this are blessed with life-long success.


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