Musical Biography of Jonathan Morgan Jenkins


Jonathan was born in Santa Monica California and lived in various homes in the Los Angeles
area before his family settled in San Clemente, south of Los Angeles, in 1962.

It was here that he was introduced to music at a young age when his mother,
Mary Jenkins, began teaching guitar to neighborhood children.

Soon, his mother’s student load made it necessary to open a small music studio downtown. When her students needed instruments and accessories,
his father Jim Jenkins, an Aerospace executive with the Hughes Corporation, officially opened the business as “MARIA DEL ARTE”.

His mother Mary performed at the dedication of the Dana Point Harbor in 1966.

Dana Point Harbor Dedication

Then, Jonathan returned with his mother to perform at another
Dana Point Harbor Dedication in the mid-seventies when the Harbor was finished.

With the explosion of new talent in the 60’s and a need for his mother’s students to have a venue to perform their newly polished talents,
the folk/rock club THE FOUR MUSES was born. Built in the same building as the music store,
the Muses quickly developed as a popular venue for local talent. It was the only music concert venue in town.

Back then, the major Southern Cal small club venues were, THE FOUR MUSES, the GOLDEN BEAR, the ICE HOUSE
and the famous TROUBADOUR where ELTON JOHN made his west coast debut.

Some Four Muses regulars included JACKSON BROWN, HOYT AXTON, STEVE MARTIN, JACK TEMPCHIN (who composed many early EAGLES hits),
 CORKY CARROLL and TAJ MAHAL who toured the local circuit in those days hoping for success.

During this period, Jonathan continued his Guitar and Piano studies
and had already composed over 15 songs.


Aside from his mother, one of his first guitar teachers was JOHN BLAKELY who rented a room in their home. Blakely was one on the
founding members of the famous surf band, THE SANDALS, who wrote the sound track for the famous BRUCE BROWN film,
THE ENDLESS SUMMER. With this inspiration, he helped found the surf band, THE EXCEPTIONS, with his close friends
RANDY JOHNSON, STEVE GASPARRO and BOB LINDBERG during the 5th and 6th grade. After becoming a popular band
at local parties, they were invited to play at the graduation of their 6th grade class at Ole Hanson Elementary School.


During high school, he played in Friday night Hoots (local amateur night) and various bands. His mother, MOTHER MARY, so named by her students,
became a second to mother to many kids who had strained family relationships during the social changes that were a part of that era. 

Jim Jenkins The Four Muses
Mary Jenkins The Four Muses 3.

When his father passed away in 1975, his mother was unable to
continue operations and closed the business.


With a desire to teach music professionally, Jonathan started college full time in 1978 and graduated with his BA in Choral and
Instrumental Music Education with California Teaching Credentials in 1983. After a short time as a school teacher,
he chose another career path and opened up his music studio. From that time to the present he has coached
hundreds of vocalists into powerful performers, most or which had little or no prior training.

In 1992 Jonathan was the Founder, Musical Director and President of the Board\Capistrano Chorale Inc., a California nonprofit organization.
Responsibilities included: Producing programs for 75 singers, choosing all music, interviewing new members, negotiating all contracts,
directing all sectionals & rehearsals, hiring musicians and directing all the shows. The Chorale performed 10 concerts in
Orange County yearly, including the prestigious Barclay Theater in Irvine,Ca.

He also became a published author on Vocal Training.

Windows CD Cover

In 1993, he released his first solo compact disc, WINDOWS, a collection arrangements for String Orchestra.
Windows was recorded in one of the first Digital Recording Studios in Southern California and consists entirely of
Computer Generated music, a common- place technology currently.

Click here Music Production” to Listen to “Windows”.



Following this recording, Jonathan continued to upgrade his own studio with the latest technologies. Currently using the latest Apple Hardware
and Logic software, he is able to Record, Produce, Arrange and Burn client CD’s. It’s a one-stop production shop.
Now teaching, Guitar, Piano and Voice, these technologies are essential to give his students immediate
feedback regarding their progress and the opportunity to compose and produce their own projects.



In 2007, Jonathan Morgan Jenkins opened Vocal Training Warrior on the worldwide web and has
established himself as an important local, national and international vocal coach.

Jonathan Morgan Jenkins- Music

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