Jonathan Morgan Jenkins
Composer, Vocal Coach, Director, Arranger, Lyricist, Cinematographer, Editor, Film Producer, Screenwriter

Jonathan Morgan Jenkins- MusicJonathan began the music portion of his artistic career in 5th grade when he helped form the San Clemente surf band “The Exceptions” with 3 of his classmates. Since his parents owned a music store and rock club and his mother taught guitar, this was a natural interest.

After completing his BA in Music Education with a minor in Composition and Theory, he began a musical journey that encompassed over 30 years as re-nowned Vocal Coach, Founder and Musical Director of a 70+ member chorus, The Capistrano Chorale, and a composer/arranger of over 100 songs, Lyrics and arrangements.

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Check out excerpts from his Recording Portfolio below!

Recording Artist: Jonathan Morgan Jenkins

“When I recorded ‘Windows’ in 1993, the first major advancements in Consumer Digital Recording Technology were in their infancy. These songs are a collection of String Orchestra Arrangements that I arranged for various Film and other Commercial Projects in development.

Yamaha_TX816The Yamaha Corporation, at the forefront of Digital Technology during this time with the famous DX7 Synthesizer, manufactured an advanced sound module called the Yamaha TX816. This module had the “guts” of 8 Polyphonic DX7 Synthesizers stacked side by side. When you hear the sound, it is very “large” for the time, with all the notes playing from all the DX7’s, 128 (8×16=128), that was 128 different instruments playing at the same time. The DX7 sounds were not “Digital Samples” but they were the best sounding “Synthesized” programs of that time. One must understand that this was way before Digital Sample Audio Files were on the market.

The August CzarI was very fortunate to have a good friend, Kevin Laubach, who consulted for Yamaha and reviewed many of their prototype products before going on the market. The TX816 that I recorded “Windows” on was the actual Prototype that Kevin was testing for Yamaha. So, “Windows” was the first commercial project ever recorded on a TX816! The computer we used was a Macintosh SE using Performer Digital Recording software.

As stated, at this time, the technology of “Sampling” was truly at its infancy. Kevin had an amazing studio with two Digital Samplers. I recall them being “very”  expensive. The strings in these samples were real instrument recordings that had a natural sound and vibrato. Digital Samples are common now but not then. The synthesized strings from the TX816 had a “fake” sounding vibrato but the Digital Samples were taken from real instruments and sounded so amazing for the time. Kevin was brilliant! He mixed the 128 voices from the TX816 with the 32 notes from the two samplers together and we produced an incredible sound for its day.

Produced entirely on a computer in 1993, this recording really is a piece Digital Recording History!

Recording Artist: Sasha Jenkins

089Sasha Jenkins brings Standards Vocal Jazz to a new level. Her sensual smooth style reminds us of famous female Jazz legends of the past.

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Fruit of the Spirit“He Loves You and Me” was recorded in a home studio in Dana Point, Ca in 1975 at Holiday Records at the height of the Jesus Music generation. All songs and Lyrics were composed by Jonathan Morgan Jenkins except for “Jesus I Love You”, co-written with Chad Myers. Recorded on a “Reel to Reel” tape recorder, the tracks offer little in overall production but the simplicity of the recording has helped it retain its fan base through time. The recording features: Jonathan Morgan Jenkins-12 and 6 String Guitar, Piano, Vocals/ Sue Reeves-Vocals/ Jim Squillace-Bass,Vocals,Vocal Arrangements/ Dawn Waxham-Flute.

Recording Artist: Marliese Beauwsaert

Marleise PictureJonathan started working with Marliese as a Guitar and Vocal student when she was 10 years old. Once she started playing her songs for me, I realized what an amazing talent she was. Jonathan produced these song demos for her. He performed all of the instruments and arranged all of the orchestrations.

Recording Artist: Aaron Miyamoto

Aaron Miyamoto 2Jonathan produced and recorded this set of song covers with young recording artist Aaron Miyamoto. Vocal harmonies, Electric Guitar overdubs, Orchestrations and Final Mix was produced at Performance Production Services.

“Celebrate The Holidays” by The Capistrano Chorale

Capo Chorale 2I was founder and Musical Director for the Capistrano Chorale based in
Orange County, California.
“Celebrate The Holidays” is an example one of our many holiday concert series.
This one we decided to record. It was my favorite holiday concert series. Even if it is not the holidays,
anyone who loves great choral holiday music will enjoy “Celebrate The Holidays”.

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