PPS Commercial Production Rates

PPS LogoProducing Professional Videos can be a very complicated task. Just view the credits on any of your favorite movies and you will see how many skills and people it takes to make a successful project. The Videos we produce may be smaller but the basic structure of production still exists, Pre-Production, Production and Post Production.

Since Google purchased YouTube on October 9th 2006, Video Marketing began a Journey that has changed the way Businesses market their products and services online. A marketing strategy that includes targeted keyword content working alongside professional optimized video content is a powerful strategy to build a strong long-term foundation for Organic SEO results.

Check out these powerful Video Marketing statistics!

A recent Forrester Research study revealed that an Optimized Video has a 50 PERCENT BETTER CHANCE of appearing on 1st page Google results than an Optimized HTML or Website Page!

  • According to Google Shopper, the Marketing Agency Council and M/A/R/C Research – 84% of smartphone shoppers use their phones while in a physical store.
  • 90% is the percentage of online shoppers at major retailer’s websites who said they find video helpful in making shopping and buying decisions.
  • 47 % of shoppers say Professional Videos are more likely to lead to a purchase.
  • 53 of Shoppers Prefer High-Quality Videos 49 percent of smartphone users have watched product videos.
  • When marketers included a video in an email, the click-through rate increased by 200% – 300%

It is obvious that you must include Multiple Optimized Videos to your Internet Marketing Portfolio to stay competitive!

We have listed our 2 most popular business production packages below. But, it important to understand that every budget is flexible and the price point for any production can be adjusted to custom fit the requirements of your production.

Business Production Packages

Basic Production Package

Diane Harkey, 5th Marine Regiment Support Group, Jonathan Morgan JenkinsThis introductory production package is a perfect fit for those clients who want to begin their video marketing campaign on a tighter budget.

  • Consultation with Client to discuss Production Concepts and Goals
  • Editing client script by our staff screenwriter for maximum impact
  • Talent Coaching and Wardrobe preparation
  • Location Consultation
  • Scout 1 Location
  • Film in High Definition
  • One High Definition Camera
  • Lighting, as required, for interior filming
  • Recording with Lav and Studio Microphones
  • Direction
  • Cinematography
  • Maximum 3.0 hours of location time
Post Production
  • 2 Videos – Trailer and Company Introduction
  • Advanced Post Production editing including adding still photographs, custom titles, and custom digital transitions
  • Editing clients scripts by our professional staff screenwriter for maximum impact
  • Royalty Free Sound Design
1st Cut approval by Client with 1 additional edit at no charge
> Upload Video to Client YouTube account and assist with linking to website as required
  • Consultation with Client regarding best marketing practices with Video Media

Budget: Only 1,295.00

Producers Choice Production Package

Performance Production Services, Hoffman Fabrics, Jonathan Morgan JenkinsOur most popular package! For Clients who want to maximize the quality of their overall production and their online marketing results using multiple marketing videos.

The Producers Choice Production Package includes of the benefits of the Basic Production Package plus these important production benefits:

  • 4 Videos – Trailer, Company Introduction, Staff and Client Testimonials
  • Maximum 5.0 hours of location time
  • Writing the entire script(s) for the production after consultation with client
  • Set-up branded YouTube Site
  • 2 High Definition Camera’s
  • Hair & Make-up
  • Craft Services
  • Scout 2 Locations as required
  • Recording Voice Over
  • Advanced Sound Design: Voice Over, Sound effects

Budget: Only 1,995.00

Production Upgrades

To take your Video Production to the next level Performance Production Services highly recommends that our clients add any of these important Upgrades to their Production Projects.

  • Production Filming and Post Production Edit employing “Green Screen” technology
    Budget: 595.00 per production
  • Hair & Make-up
    Budget: 225.00
  • Extended location time
    Budget: 95.00/Hr
  • Additional Camera
    Budget: 145.00
  • Writing the entire script(s) of the video after consultation with client.
    Budget: 249.00
  • Craft Services (food and beverages)
    Budget: 125.00
  • Additional Video Cut (Post Production)
    Budget: 345.00
  • Set-up branded YouTube Site
    Budget: 125.00

PPS Family and Business Event Rates


Alonso CoverAt PPS we use our experience, professionalism, creative talent and attentiveness to detail to Create, Produce, Film and Edit your next Cinematic Event Production.

As you will find out below, we are truly a ‘One Stop Shop’ for your next event production!

Whether it is a Wedding Event, Milestone Family Event, Non-Profit Event, Corporate/Political Event, Entertainment Event or Documentary, the one thread the connects them all is that they are important stories that need to be told. We at PPS are experts at telling stories using visual media.

Your wedding day needs to be documented and preserved forever. In order to accomplish this, we feel that a basic wedding production package must contain the following essential production elements. Then, if our clients want to add any other production elements, they can choose from our ‘A La Carte’ Production Services listed below.

  • Wedding ‘Essentials’ Film Production Package
  • Complete coverage of your ceremony and reception
  • Three camera operators at your ceremony and reception
  • Filmed in 1920×1080 HD Video
  • Digital Audio recorded in 16-bit PCM format at 48kHz for amazing quality
  • Interviews with the bride, groom, family and guests filmed generally at reception
  • Unlimited Coverage Day of Wedding
  • An edited highlight reel of your wedding day (generally 10-20 minutes)
  • Uncompressed Digital version of your Wedding Video (very high quality)
  • Compressed Digital version of your Wedding Video (for streaming on YouTube/Social Media)
  • Ten DVDs

Budget: Only 2,495.00

‘A LA CARTE’ Wedding Film Production Services

(quoted costs apply only to clients who have already purchased the ‘Essentials’ package but each production can also be quoted individually for those clients who have not)

Pre-Wedding ‘A La Carte’ Film Productions
  • Proposal Film
    Budget: 295.00
  • Engagement Party Film
    Budget: 495.00
  • ‘Wedding Invitation’ Film (stream to guest list)
    Budget: 245.00
  • Rehearsal Dinner Film 
    Budget: 495.00
  • ‘Couple Love Story’ Film
    Budget: 495.00
  • Master Film of all or any from the above list to screen at the reception
    Budget: 195.00 – 395.00
  • Film Bridal Preparations and Groom Preparations prior to ceremony.
    Budget: 295.00
  • Extra Day(s) of Coverage (multiple days are common in some cultures).
    Budget: 1,795.00 per day for up to 8 hours of coverage
  • Fourth Cameraman
    Budget: 495.00 for Day
‘Special’ Wedding Day Additional Productions to take your Wedding Day to the ‘Next Level!’
  • Custom Song. We can create a Custom Song for the Bride, Groom or Both, performed live at your service.
    Budget: 695.00
  • Custom Song Recording. Your Custom Song can also be professionally produced and recorded in a studio with full instrumentation and orchestral arrangements.
    Budget: 795.00
  • Ceremony Music. We can provide an Instrumentalist, Vocal Soloist, or Small Group to perform Devotional Music during those special moments in your Wedding service.
    Budget: Generally 245.00–395.00 (depending on number of musicians)
  • Even Aerial Footage! HeliCam HD Aerial footage of your wedding. (Fair weather conditions apply)
    Budget: $495.00
  • Even Live Streaming! We will stream your wedding and reception anywhere in the world so family can tune in a watch your wedding live! You can have 1 person or hundreds tune in.
    Budget: $495.00 (both Locations must have internet steaming services)
  • Long Cut of Wedding & Reception (entire wedding service & lengthened reception footage)
    Budget: 295.00
  • 30 EDITED STILL PHOTOS captured from video footage, not captured by your photographer.
    Budget: 195.00
Turn Your Honeymoon into a Documentary Film!

We can even produce your ‘Honeymoon Highlights’ Documentary Film!
An amazing upgrade for amazing clients!

  • Here is what our Honeymoon Highlights Documentary Film includes:
  • 1 Multi-Talented Film Maker to Document the daily adventures of your choice
  • Daily Updates will be edited on-location and streamed to family and friends
  • An edited highlight reel of your Honeymoon completed soon after your return
  • Uncompressed Digital version of your Wedding Video (very high quality)
  • Compressed Digital version of your Wedding Video (for streaming on YouTube/Social Media)
  • Ten DVDs

Budget: Due to the many budget variables in the travel and location costs for this production, all production budgets are quoted individually. But, with only one crew member to consider, you may be surprised at how reasonable this production can be.

Trusted Wedding Production Partners

We can also refer you any of our Trusted Wedding Production Partners from the list below to help you plan and execute your special event without worry.

  • Event Planner
  • Create a ‘Your Wedding’ website
  • Photographer
  • Make-Up
  • Clothier
  • Caterer
  • Florist
  • Disk Jockey
  • Limousine
  • Classic Vehicles
  • Live Reception Band
  • Licensed Wedding Officiant
  • Wedding and Reception Locations
  • Honeymoon Travel Planning
  • Wedding Post Production Options
Milestone Family Events

WalkersYour Milestone Family Event needs to be documented and preserved forever. In order to accomplish this, we feel that a same ‘Essentials’ Film Production Package that applies to Weddings already listed above must also apply to Milestone Family Events.

Then, if our clients want to add any other production elements, they can choose from our ‘A La Carte’ Production Services that apply that are already listed above. But, since the coverage time is less, generally 5 hours instead of 10 hours, the cost is reduced from that of a Wedding.

Budget: 1,595.00

Non-Profit Events

Lobster fest“Telling your story for your Non-Profit organization” is the strength for how PPS operates. People know when they are being given a sales pitch. However, that same pitch told as a human story, a drama if you will, equals success. A narrative drama makes it easy to understand the message of your Non-profit further, it is memorable and enjoying to watch. We feel that it is very important to help bring awareness to causes that might otherwise go unnoticed.

PPS will work with your organization and find the best people, the best representatives to convey your mission to your audience. We work with all types of budgets so do not hesitate to contact us if you have a project in mind.

Budget: Generally Ranges from 1,495.00-2,595. (some hardship discounts may apply)

Corporate/Political Events

Jay Keynote CoverVideo Marketing for business is exploding as maybe the most powerful Organic Search Engine Optimization Tool. More and more companies and politicians are realizing the importance including Video Marketing in their advertising strategy. Pictures and text only tell half the story.

That’s why it is so important to invest in capturing important business and political events with professional video production so that content can be used to create powerful online marketing campaigns.

Budget: Generally Ranges from 995.00-1,595.00

Entertainment Events

Lil Bit O Sin YTWe have professional musicians on staff that have performed in rock bands and directed large singing groups. With this experience, we fully understand how important it is have live entertainment events filmed to market talent to an audience and to industry professionals.

Especially now, with video sharing sites like YouTube offering free worldwide distribution, it is all the more important for any artist or group to produce Professional Video Content to possess the most powerful tools to market themselves.

Our professional entertainment background gives us a unique edge when working with musicians and other entertainers to help them build an audience.

Budget: Generally Ranges from 795.00-1,595.00

Documentary Films

OEF Monument YTA documentary is any video or film that informs viewers about a topic or issue, generally in a factual way. Many documentary films provide us with educational information. Others just describe certain people. Many people think making a documentary is easy. However, making a documentary is not as easy as it seems.

We are specialists at producing documentaries that educate the public about different subjects. This can include important people, events and even, in the case of a non-profit, the video can become a powerful tool to help raise donations.

Budget: Generally Ranges from 1,495.00-2,595.00

Call PPS today and let us help you tell your story! 949.842.9351