Jonathan Morgan Jenkins 1Jonathan Morgan Jenkins

Cinematographer, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Composer, Vocal Coach, Arranger, Voice Over 

Jonathan’s passion for filmmaking started at an early age when my father, a 1953 graduate in Cinema at USC, used to produce family movies on his 16mm camera. His family nights were often spent watching these films.

During the early 60’s – 70’s, his parents created a Music Store and Entertainment Center called “The Four Muses” located in San Clemente California. This is where he developed his initial musical skills, forming a surf band and performing in local rock groups. The club also produced a weekly “Surf Film Night” where Southern California surf film makers could screen their films, build an audience and make a few bucks.

His first two student films were produced in Cinema Class at San Clemente High School shooting on a Super 8 Film Camera in 1972.

Through the following years, Jonathan continued filming any event he could and continued upgrading his cameras through the analog to digital transitions. He also developed his musical career by composing, coaching private voice, piano and guitar students and directing the Capistrano Chorale, a 65 member chorus which he founded in 1992. He also released a digital audio CD of film score arrangements in 1992 called “Windows.”

When HD cameras starting being available on the market in 2006, Jonathan updated his cameras. When Google purchased YouTube in late 2006, he envisioned an opportunity to start marketing businesses with video on the internet to boost their Organic SEO and formed to service the commercial production market. He also recently released his new company that specializes in event production,

Jonathan has earned four Degrees in Cinema, Post Production, Music Education and Music Composition and Arranging.

Jonathan is also a veteran vocal coach for over 30 years who has also gained international popularity as the author of the popular book on Vocal Training, Singing and Speaking on the Edge of a Grunt, released in 2010 under contract with American Book Publishing. The foreword was written by internationally recognized acting coach Eric Morris who regularly trains actors such as Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr, George Clooney, Morgan Freeman and Glenn Close, to mention a few. Eric stated in his foreword that Jonathan’s book will be a “must” read for all his students.

Jonathan has also created or co-created six high concept screenplays. Jonathan’s latest 2014 production, a Documentary Short called “The Operation Enduring Freedom Monument,” is currently being screened in 8 film festivals from Vermont to Los Angeles. His credits on this project include Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Camera, Sound Design and Editor.

Jonathan’s Screenplay’s

Screenwriter – SKY
Winged horse, SKY, and her two little helpers from another dimension, help a young girl to grow her faith so she can save her family equestrian farm, her beloved horse, and visit her departed mother in the LAND OF STARNA.

Treatment – THE LAND OF STARNA (Sky Sequel)

Screenwriter – THE CAGE
A misunderstood teenage girl becomes a fugitive after she steals her mother’s car and leaves town to avoid jail, rescue her dog, find her father and fulfill her life’s passion.

Screenwriter – QUANAH
In this incredible true story, the lives of renegade Comanche Chief Quanah Parker, the dying Calvary General that defeated him and is now seeking confession and the apprentice New York Times reporter impersonating a priest to get his story all collide.

Screenwriter – THE WAVERIDERS
The “BIG CHILL” of surfing! Four middle aged, disillusioned, surfing buddies who followed the Endless Summer forty years prior, set out again, chronicled by a skeptical teenager. Their world has changed and so will they.

Screenwriter – COMRADES
During the height of the Cold War, a former Congressman and Soviet Ambassador, chess buddies, who are currently the United States President and Soviet General Secretary, plot to carry out a most incredible mission: the defection to the US of the General Secretary and his family.

Screenwriter– SUPER BOWL
Alien high stakes gamblers searching the Earth for the most competitive GLADIATORS, transport both teams from the Super Bowl to another world to fight another alien team of GLADIATORS. The stakes: The entire population of the losers planet will be obliterated and replaced with other life forms.

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AA Music – Saddleback College

BA Music Education and Arranging – California State University Fullerton

Clear California Teaching Credential – California State University Fullerton – Music Education

Clear California Teaching Credential – California State University Fullerton – Basic Subjects

AS Cinema Production – Saddleback College

Certificate of Achievement – Cinema/Television/Radio: Cinema

AS Cinema Post Production – Saddleback College

Certificate of Achievement – Post Production: Cinema

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