Zion Pick – Vocal Student

Jonathan – Congratulations to me, I have won the Lottery!

That’s how I feel having found you. With your all-encompassing, in-depth knowledge of the voice, how it works, and how to get the best out of it, along with your techniques and teaching style, you are truly unique and the best at what your do!

I was amazed at my very first lesson; what I learned and the difference it made was incredible! I had certainly never held a note so long! As I get closer to mastering your breathing and powerful and clear diction techniques, I am consistently astounded at the improvement in my vocal abilities.

Angels were definitely smiling down on me when they led me to your web site. Delivering on your guarantee to create a more powerful singing voice, Jonathan Jenkins, you are a “GOD SEND!”

With much appreciation – Zion Pick

Kyle – Online Vocal Student

Hi There. I just came across you on Youtube while I was looking for vocal training videos, because I feel that I am lacking certain basics which I tend to forget through my singing, which I have been doing for 3 years now. It has helped.

I research endlessly on vocal techniques, tips and ways on how to utilise your body to become a singing machine. Kind of like how Bruce Lee conditioned his body for martial arts. I do the same, but with singing. Keep up the good work!


Taline – Vocal Student

I have been going to singing lessons with Jonathan for about 2 months. Before I started, my voice was breathy, and I wasn’t able to have good control. He taught me how to breathe correctly so that I could project my voice, and be able to sing high notes, that I have never been able to hit. Even though it has only been a couple of months, I have seen a difference in my voice, and I am pleased to be taking singing lessons with him.

Taline Torossian

Joan Weisman – Vocal Student

Dear Jonathan,

Your clear, straightforward explanation of how singing happens in my lungs, throat and head made notes and sounds instantly available to me that had been mysterious and unavailable for 35 years. Thank you.

Your coaching style builds naturally on itself, so that each time I make one improvement, you are right there with my next step. Singing can feel vulnerable at first, and in your studio I feel comfortable exploring my breath and my voice. I even hear singers differently now than I did before. Since I am more familiar with how my voice works, I hear more from the same song. I particularly appreciate your ability to explain things clearly and from more than one angle if necessary. It shows a remarkable ability to think outside the box.

Warm Wishes,
Joan Weisman