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Jonathan Morgan Jenkins- MusicFor over 32 years, Voice, Speech Coach and Author, Jonathan Morgan Jenkins,Chorale Jonathan J
has transformed 100’s of voices of all ages and performance levels into
Vocal Powerhouses with his Powerful Voice Lessons all over the world!

And he can achieve the same results for you!

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Important benefits you will receive Voice Training at Vocal Training Warrior:

> Train with a seasoned Vocal Coach with over 30 years experience
> Learn powerful Diaphragmatic Breathing for powerful Vocal Control
> Sing and Speak with Clear Diction
> Create a powerful Singing Voice
> Become a powerful Public Speaker
> Become an Actor that fills your stage with Vocal Power
> Learn powerful music and story interpretation skills to keep your audience engaged
> Extend you Vocal Range to Sing those High Notes

In case you may think that I was one with a “Silver Singing Spoon”(an amazing voice from birth), you are wrong.
I struggled to find the answers to create a powerful voice even after 4 years of training in college.

This was my College Singing Teacher!
Sing Correctly or Die!

Here is my vocal training discovery story.
Can you relate?

New_Headshot_ezrAfter I received a Bachelors Degree in Music Education, I still found myself with a fair vocal sound and a very limited vocal range.
This was due to two things:
1) My natural instrument was not high quality.
2) At college, since my voice was not “impressive”, I was always assigned
to the “new” vocal coaches. They appeared to dread having to listen to me “squeal”
my high notes each week. Their lack of interest and teaching ability
produced very little improvement and I barely graduated.

I was definitely not the next American Idol!

Chorale Jonathan JWith faith and perseverance, I overcame the “highest mountains” and earned my bachelor degree and music education credentials. Unfortunately, I found myself with a piece of paper that allowed me to professionally teach voice but I had few skills to accomplish this. The last thirty two years s have been spent in the musical trenches, coaching singing groups and hundreds of individual voices.

My successful teaching strategies have been forged from, first developing my own limited voice and, then, adjusting those techniques through years of trial and error to help others achieve success. I opened VOCAL WARRIOR in 2007 to promote Internet Vocal Training and to put myself in a position to help many more people achieve vocal excellence than existed in my local community.

If you live in South Orange County, Ca
contact Vocal Training Warrior direct at 949.842.9351
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Taline_ezr“I have had singing lessons with Jonathan for about 2 months. Before I started, my voice was breathy and I wasn’t able to have good control. He taught me how to breathe correctly so that I could project my voice and be able to sing high notes that I have never been able to hit. Even though it has only been a couple of months, I have seen a difference in my voice.  I am pleased to be taking singing lessons with him.”
Taline Torossian

If you do not live in Orange County, Vocal Training Warrior now offers
Online Voice Lessons via Skype which allows us to provide Vocal Training Worldwide!

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Krishna Dospati“I have learned a lot with my online vocal sessions. The technology provided on the Internet makes it easy to interact through video, and one does not really miss out on the face-to-face interaction they would have attending vocal classes with a teacher in person. It also makes it a lot more convenient to learn from one’s own home. I personally have been able to grasp a lot of knowledge in a mere couple of weeks. Learning with Mr. Jenkins is a great experience.  I would recommend it to anyone who has a passion for singing!

Krishna Dospati – New Jersey – US

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